About Us

Bob Deck Manufacturing Is proudly doing business since 1960 and was the first company in Dade County  to specialize in manufacturing Pocket  Door Frames, Bypass / Bi-Fold Track and Hardware  for commercial and private home use.

With more than 60 years in the industry we know what it takes to give just the best. We concentrate in Producing High Quality Products to satisfy a high demand from the clients we proudly serve throughout the years. We are conscious on how we can help our clients achieve their goal by providing superior service and competitive prices hard to beat by our competitors.

We are eager to serve you and we never rest until our clients are completely satisfied. If you are an existing client then you already know our commitment to quality and outstanding service and if you are a new client looking for a company that you can rely on, which will never let you down, then come to us and let us show you who, why,and how Bob Deck Manufacturing is the Dade County Leader in the Pocket Frame Industry and how “We Create Living Space.”